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  • Improved performance and concurrency

    Posted by: Fagbokforlaget admin 29. May 2018 15:46

    We're still working on improving things, and more improvements will come in a short time.

    This update (7088655) brings with it the following changes:

  • Performance enhancement: A secondary database connection (non-transactional) is now used to perform high-concurrency activities, to minimize waiting between clients.
  • Performance enhancement: Session refresh is also performed much less, which should allow increased concurrent activity.
  • Performance enhancement: We've decreased the amount of times the database is updated with information about when the last time a logged in user did something.
  • Performance enhancement: Logging of last access time on objects and containers has been disabled for anonymous users. For logged-in users it will now only happen if the object is considered "interactive".
  • Bugfix: Android browsers should now be able to see something more than just a blank page.
  • Enhancement: Album folder layout has been greatly improved.
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  • CEFR HTML email reports and several bugfixes and improvements

    Posted by: Fagbokforlaget admin 29. May 2018 15:46

    Today's update (11f60dac6b) brings with it the following changes:

    • New feature: The placement test (CEFR) report email now includes an HTML part in addition to plain text.
    • New feature: All emails can now have a header and footer overridden at the normal template levels.
    • Improvement: The delete button in the file manager now asks for confirmation.
    • Improvement: Cleaned up the layout and behavior of the file manager.
    • Bugfix: The radio quiz type now supports multiple correct answers correctly.
    • Bugfix: User list didn't sort correctly in all cases. This has now been fixed.
    • Bugfix: Group user list didn't sort correctly. This has now been fixed.
    • Bugfix: Fix inconsistent amount of vertical whitespace in object reading view (read request handler).
    • Bugfix: The list of templates didn't show all available templates recursively. The list should now be complete, and an encoding issue has been fixed as well.
    • Bugfix: Overridden text/plain email templates will no longer add excessive whitespace because of Windows newlines.
    • Bugfix: Removed HTML cleaning when template was being rendered on page. Also fixed a hard to find character encoding issue related to cleaning up extremely faulty documents.
    • Bugfix: Fixed recipient dropdown box width issue in placement test (CEFR) submission user interface.
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  • New update with group enrollment feature and various bugfixes

    Posted by: Fagbokforlaget admin 29. May 2018 15:46

    The update applied today (1743821) brings with it the following changes:

    • New feature: It is now possible to create institution groups that students can enroll into without supervisor intervention. The new group_enrollment_ui template handler creates the necessary user interface.
    • New feature: User information can now be verified by using the new manage_user_info template handler inside any document. All sites that use self-registration or otherwise add users in bulk are encouraged to add it to a visible start page.
    • New feature: Any user config value can now be verified (or initially entered) via the new manage_user_config template handler. Only the date format has been implemented for now, but if you use it, you'll get a nice JavaScript-based date picker. All other formats will just get a basic text input box.
    • Bugfix: Missing icons are back in the object and container permissions editor.
    • Bugfix: Sites with PIN codes associated with them can now be deleted.
    • Bugfix: A workaround for rendering issues in KFN for Internet Explorer 9 users have been implemented.
    • Bugfix: Setting your initial avatar picture no longer gives error.
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  • Mostly bugfixes and minor improvements

    Posted by: Fagbokforlaget admin 29. May 2018 15:46

    Today's update (bc4bf9c839) brings with it the following changes:

    • New feature: The CEFR placement test now allows location information to be submitted in the email report.
    • Performance improvement: The database is no longer consulted when anonymous request handlers are used.
    • Enhancement: Updated Swedish translations.
    • Enhancement: Request handlers now support dots and other characters in them.
    • Enhancement: Lots of code cleanup that should ensure more stable and consistent behavior, and slightly less memory usage.
    • Enhancement: All template handlers should now be listed in the developer resources.
    • Enhancement: Removed some unused template handlers: email_this, xml_namespace, account_online_count, str_handleEnter, institution_role_array, mediator_iframe_bug, xhtml_mimetype.
    • Bugfix: The total amount of users listed in the user list now matches the table contents.
    • Bugfix: Login redirection is now more consistent.
    • Bugfix: Long titles in blog folders now look better.
    • Bugfix: crossdomain.xml and robots.txt is now delivered properly.
    • Bugfix: Setting WYSIWYG editor mode no longer gives strange error message when already set.
    • Bugfix: Excel spreadsheets uploaded long ago could in some cases render incorrectly.
    • Bugfix: Fixed JavaScript error when quiz editor was loaded.
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  • New video player, video thumbnails, quiz editor bug fixes and more

    Posted by: Fagbokforlaget admin 29. May 2018 15:46

    The update applied today (c2e12b89) brings with it the following changes.

    New features

    • Album folder view now supports video thumbnails.
    • Removed OSFLV and BitGravity FLV/MP4 video playback solutions. We now use FlowPlayer 3.2.7 for both features. This fixes the annoying loader animation at the center of videos.
    • The transcode video feature has been moved to the top menu "Edit", and a new option to remove a transcoded video is available.
    • Video transcoding now supports original resolution. Also fixed aspect ratio bug with 4:3 videos.
    • Page title can be forced to always use site title.
    • Arabic (Morocco) was added as a content and translation language.
    • Added robots.txt so that search engines won't index uninteresting content.


    • Updated base URL to Lexin because UDIR modified their service location.
    • The speech synthesis feature is now (again) available to anonymous users.
    • Fix problem with malformed HTML entities inside quiz markup when using TinyMCE/WYSIWYG editor.
    • Fixed various JavaScript regressions by upgrading to jQuery 1.7.0.
    • Upgraded SoundManager MP3 playback library to v297a-20111030, which fixes a playback issue on Internet Explorer 9.
    • Fixed character set encoding issue when unpacking zip file when archive had non-UTF8 filenames.
    • User lists now sort according to language definition.
    • Self-registration group now shows when editing a site not the same as the site being modified.


    • Substantial code cleanup in quiz editor. Should make the code more robust.
    • Upgraded to version 5.0.7 of JUpload (our multiple file uploader). This new version uses UTF-8, so filenames should now be preserved correctly, even for non-Latin character sets.
    • Request handlers no longer hit the database to figure out if they should be available to anonymous users.
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