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  • Better response time

    Posted by: Fagbokforlaget admin 29. May 2018 15:46

    We've just updated to version d635521, which should ensure the excessive response times we've been seeing lately to be a lot lower.

    A small fix for grammar mistakes in the Swedish version of the CEFR placement test email report has also been included.

    A new server will be added on Friday, which should further increase the response time. Pay attention to the message of the day, it will inform you when this new hardware will be installed. The system will be offline while we install this new hardware.

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  • Improved performance and concurrency

    Posted by: Fagbokforlaget admin 29. May 2018 15:46

    We're still working on improving things, and more improvements will come in a short time.

    This update (7088655) brings with it the following changes:

  • Performance enhancement: A secondary database connection (non-transactional) is now used to perform high-concurrency activities, to minimize waiting between clients.
  • Performance enhancement: Session refresh is also performed much less, which should allow increased concurrent activity.
  • Performance enhancement: We've decreased the amount of times the database is updated with information about when the last time a logged in user did something.
  • Performance enhancement: Logging of last access time on objects and containers has been disabled for anonymous users. For logged-in users it will now only happen if the object is considered "interactive".
  • Bugfix: Android browsers should now be able to see something more than just a blank page.
  • Enhancement: Album folder layout has been greatly improved.
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  • CEFR HTML email reports and several bugfixes and improvements

    Posted by: Fagbokforlaget admin 29. May 2018 15:46

    Today's update (11f60dac6b) brings with it the following changes:

    • New feature: The placement test (CEFR) report email now includes an HTML part in addition to plain text.
    • New feature: All emails can now have a header and footer overridden at the normal template levels.
    • Improvement: The delete button in the file manager now asks for confirmation.
    • Improvement: Cleaned up the layout and behavior of the file manager.
    • Bugfix: The radio quiz type now supports multiple correct answers correctly.
    • Bugfix: User list didn't sort correctly in all cases. This has now been fixed.
    • Bugfix: Group user list didn't sort correctly. This has now been fixed.
    • Bugfix: Fix inconsistent amount of vertical whitespace in object reading view (read request handler).
    • Bugfix: The list of templates didn't show all available templates recursively. The list should now be complete, and an encoding issue has been fixed as well.
    • Bugfix: Overridden text/plain email templates will no longer add excessive whitespace because of Windows newlines.
    • Bugfix: Removed HTML cleaning when template was being rendered on page. Also fixed a hard to find character encoding issue related to cleaning up extremely faulty documents.
    • Bugfix: Fixed recipient dropdown box width issue in placement test (CEFR) submission user interface.
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  • New update with group enrollment feature and various bugfixes

    Posted by: Fagbokforlaget admin 29. May 2018 15:46

    The update applied today (1743821) brings with it the following changes:

    • New feature: It is now possible to create institution groups that students can enroll into without supervisor intervention. The new group_enrollment_ui template handler creates the necessary user interface.
    • New feature: User information can now be verified by using the new manage_user_info template handler inside any document. All sites that use self-registration or otherwise add users in bulk are encouraged to add it to a visible start page.
    • New feature: Any user config value can now be verified (or initially entered) via the new manage_user_config template handler. Only the date format has been implemented for now, but if you use it, you'll get a nice JavaScript-based date picker. All other formats will just get a basic text input box.
    • Bugfix: Missing icons are back in the object and container permissions editor.
    • Bugfix: Sites with PIN codes associated with them can now be deleted.
    • Bugfix: A workaround for rendering issues in KFN for Internet Explorer 9 users have been implemented.
    • Bugfix: Setting your initial avatar picture no longer gives error.
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  • Mostly bugfixes and minor improvements

    Posted by: Fagbokforlaget admin 29. May 2018 15:46

    Today's update (bc4bf9c839) brings with it the following changes:

    • New feature: The CEFR placement test now allows location information to be submitted in the email report.
    • Performance improvement: The database is no longer consulted when anonymous request handlers are used.
    • Enhancement: Updated Swedish translations.
    • Enhancement: Request handlers now support dots and other characters in them.
    • Enhancement: Lots of code cleanup that should ensure more stable and consistent behavior, and slightly less memory usage.
    • Enhancement: All template handlers should now be listed in the developer resources.
    • Enhancement: Removed some unused template handlers: email_this, xml_namespace, account_online_count, str_handleEnter, institution_role_array, mediator_iframe_bug, xhtml_mimetype.
    • Bugfix: The total amount of users listed in the user list now matches the table contents.
    • Bugfix: Login redirection is now more consistent.
    • Bugfix: Long titles in blog folders now look better.
    • Bugfix: crossdomain.xml and robots.txt is now delivered properly.
    • Bugfix: Setting WYSIWYG editor mode no longer gives strange error message when already set.
    • Bugfix: Excel spreadsheets uploaded long ago could in some cases render incorrectly.
    • Bugfix: Fixed JavaScript error when quiz editor was loaded.
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