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  • Mostly bugfixes and minor improvements

    Posted by: Fagbokforlaget admin 29. May 2018 15:46

    Today's update (bc4bf9c839) brings with it the following changes:

    • New feature: The CEFR placement test now allows location information to be submitted in the email report.
    • Performance improvement: The database is no longer consulted when anonymous request handlers are used.
    • Enhancement: Updated Swedish translations.
    • Enhancement: Request handlers now support dots and other characters in them.
    • Enhancement: Lots of code cleanup that should ensure more stable and consistent behavior, and slightly less memory usage.
    • Enhancement: All template handlers should now be listed in the developer resources.
    • Enhancement: Removed some unused template handlers: email_this, xml_namespace, account_online_count, str_handleEnter, institution_role_array, mediator_iframe_bug, xhtml_mimetype.
    • Bugfix: The total amount of users listed in the user list now matches the table contents.
    • Bugfix: Login redirection is now more consistent.
    • Bugfix: Long titles in blog folders now look better.
    • Bugfix: crossdomain.xml and robots.txt is now delivered properly.
    • Bugfix: Setting WYSIWYG editor mode no longer gives strange error message when already set.
    • Bugfix: Excel spreadsheets uploaded long ago could in some cases render incorrectly.
    • Bugfix: Fixed JavaScript error when quiz editor was loaded.
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  • New video player, video thumbnails, quiz editor bug fixes and more

    Posted by: Fagbokforlaget admin 29. May 2018 15:46

    The update applied today (c2e12b89) brings with it the following changes.

    New features

    • Album folder view now supports video thumbnails.
    • Removed OSFLV and BitGravity FLV/MP4 video playback solutions. We now use FlowPlayer 3.2.7 for both features. This fixes the annoying loader animation at the center of videos.
    • The transcode video feature has been moved to the top menu "Edit", and a new option to remove a transcoded video is available.
    • Video transcoding now supports original resolution. Also fixed aspect ratio bug with 4:3 videos.
    • Page title can be forced to always use site title.
    • Arabic (Morocco) was added as a content and translation language.
    • Added robots.txt so that search engines won't index uninteresting content.


    • Updated base URL to Lexin because UDIR modified their service location.
    • The speech synthesis feature is now (again) available to anonymous users.
    • Fix problem with malformed HTML entities inside quiz markup when using TinyMCE/WYSIWYG editor.
    • Fixed various JavaScript regressions by upgrading to jQuery 1.7.0.
    • Upgraded SoundManager MP3 playback library to v297a-20111030, which fixes a playback issue on Internet Explorer 9.
    • Fixed character set encoding issue when unpacking zip file when archive had non-UTF8 filenames.
    • User lists now sort according to language definition.
    • Self-registration group now shows when editing a site not the same as the site being modified.


    • Substantial code cleanup in quiz editor. Should make the code more robust.
    • Upgraded to version 5.0.7 of JUpload (our multiple file uploader). This new version uses UTF-8, so filenames should now be preserved correctly, even for non-Latin character sets.
    • Request handlers no longer hit the database to figure out if they should be available to anonymous users.
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  • New speech synthesis and matchbox code

    Posted by: Fagbokforlaget admin 29. May 2018 15:46

    Today's update to version 7ccbd67 brings with it the following changes:

    • Improvement: Matchbox quiz code has been completely reimplemented, getting rid of several annoying bugs.
      • Bugfix: Documents that used the invalid en_UK (correct is en_GB) locale now works with the talkbook request handler again.
      • Bugfix: The default talkbook language for matchbox is now taken from the object's content language setting.
      • Bugfix: Matchbox with an odd number of cells now consistently display an even number of cells.
    • Improvement: The speech synthesis feature is now using our internal sound playback software instead of using Windows Media Player behind the scenes. It has been completely reimplemented to be more compatible and stable.
    • Improvement: Raw MPEG video files will now be detected as video, even though most software is unable to play it.
    • Improvement: ListenUp error messages now contain a reason for the error.
    • Improvement: Multivalued select quiz is now always rendered in block mode.
    • Improvement: Showing group members now use a better looking table layout.
    • Improvement: Upgraded to SoundManager v297a-20110918. Should ensure better stability of MP3 playback.
    • Bugfix: Changed ti_ET (Etiopia) locale to ti_ER (Erithrea) based on customer feedback.
    • Bugfix: Lexin Norwegian/Persian spelling mistake fixed.
    • Bugfix: All Lexin dictionary URLs have been updated to point to, and should work again.
    • Bugfix: MP3 playback button now includes alternative text that shows before image loads.
    • Bugfix: Internet Explorer 8 would sometimes show a double set of quiz icons. This should now be fixed.

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  • Lexin

    Posted by: Fagbokforlaget admin 29. May 2018 15:46
    The Lexin dictionary has changed address from to The Portfolio lookup functionality will be updated with the new address Friday 28.10.11 at 6 p.m.
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  • Finally fixing the problematic IE7/8 crashes

    Posted by: Fagbokforlaget admin 29. May 2018 15:46

    Today's update (b631845) brings with it only one change, namely the bugfix for the Internet Explorer 7 and 8 crash on Windows XP and Vista.

    The problems was caused by bugs in a third party library named jQuery. Upgrading jQuery to version 1.6.4 solved the problem, according to our testing.

    If you're still having problems after this upgrade we appreciate feedback through the normal support channels.

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