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  • Minor correction to user activity report

    Posted by: Fagbokforlaget admin 29. May 2018 15:46

    It has come to our attention that the total user activity number had a slight irregularity. It turned out that the day that was exactly 4 weeks old was not included in the total activity number. This error has now been corrected.

    The server is now running release 66469e5.

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  • D-bok web reader working again

    Posted by: Fagbokforlaget admin 29. May 2018 15:46

    It turns out the HTTP status code change introduced in the previous update caused the d-bok web reader to not work properly for new users (and some existing users as well).

    We've changed the HTTP status code when using XML response mode back to the previous behavior. The d-bok web reader should again work for all users.

    The server is now running release ee40f5a.

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  • Improved voice recorder, file manager and much more

    Posted by: Fagbokforlaget admin 29. May 2018 15:46

    Today's update (f26f6ff) brings the following changes:

    New features

    • It is now possible to use voice recording exercises in CEFR speech and conversation categories.
    • In the CEFR test, it's now possible to attach the voice recordings in the final report that is sent by email.
    • The recorder() template function now supports saving as well. It is also possible to specify title, description, and if the recording should be accessible for all users. It is also possible to specify which document the recording originated from and where to redirect on success. You can also hide specific form fields if wanted.
    • Added boolean config variable hide_supervisor_info. If set to a true value, the error message about missing supervisor should no longer display.
    • When uploading JSON files, they should be detected as application/json and set to UTF8 encoding.


    • Cleaned up and modernized the file manager user interface significantly.
    • The Flash-based voice recorder has been almost completely rewritten, and should be much more robust now. It should also have slightly better audio quality.
    • The large audio player used when playing back WAV and MP3 files now shows time elapsed and has a slider you can use to move around during playback.
    • When errors occur, the resulting page was usually returned with HTTP status 200 and some error message. The HTTP status code used is now the same as the error message's error code. This could impact JavaScripts and apps, so make sure you carefully test them to ensure they still work.
    • Group search now allows searching for just a single letter.
    • It is now possible to see all of the icons in all of the themes available in the icon list.
    • Made use of the Java-based voice recorder ListenUp slightly more robust.

    Performance improvements

    • Improved the speed of the file manager by using an AJAX request for the group search.
    • The Site folders user interface should be significantly faster.
    • Icon rendering should be substantially faster, as all icon information is preloaded when the server is started.
    • Code improvements should generally improve data access slightly everywhere, making especially large lists and tables faster.


    • Ensure UTF8 content is handled properly when updating object content.
    • Serialized XML and HTML in configuration variables should now output correctly in XML response mode.
    • Use locale-dependent title of containers and objects everywhere if specified. In some situations the primary title was used instead of the localized one.
    • Image thumbnails should now render with the proper aspect in object edit view.
    • Fixed a problem that occurred if a template had an error, the line number shown in the error message was off-by-one.
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  • Signed Java applets and improved page view logging

    Posted by: Fagbokforlaget admin 29. May 2018 15:46

    Today's update (ead4274) brings with it the following changes:


    • All Java applets (JUpload, ListenUp and PFXcell) are now signed and should work without security exceptions on Java 7u51.
    • The last page view before an explicit logout was not being stored properly. Should now be fixed.
    • If an action caused an error, a page view registration was tried, but caused errors. The page view registration should no longer occur.
    • Quiz type radio was not rendering consistently in inline mode in all states. Should now be fixed.
    • When supervisors scored a student assignment, the comment was not included in the message to the student. This should now be fixed.


    • It is now possible to choose which version of the sound recorder (Flash/Java) to use on all configuration levels. The boolean variable is named use_app_recorder.
    • The interactivity number used in page view calculation should now always be 1 or higher under normal circumstances. If it is registered as 0 it means that the user has a JavaScript or networking issue on their computer.
    • Registration of page views now have better diagnostics, which should make it easier to debug issues.
    • Upgraded to JUpload 5.1.0.

    Performance improvements

    • The robots.txt and favicon.ico files are now static, which should ensure search engines are less likely to cause denial-of-service attacks if they are a bit aggressive.
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  • Switch to Nginx and e-portal push message support

    Posted by: Fagbokforlaget admin 29. May 2018 15:46

    Today's update (dbcd9f2) brings with it the following changes:

    New features:

    • User permissions can now be removed in Portfolio automatically via push messages when e-portal information is modified.
    • It is now possible to perform automated user-interface testing against a test database.


    • Web server changed from Apache 2 to Nginx. This should improve performance because we can enable HTTP keep-alive.
    • Session ID now includes port number if non-default. This is to differentiate between production and test on the same server.
    • Beanstalk queues for production and testing are now separate.
    • Let web server handle which HTTP methods are allowed (only GET and POST). This should make server a bit more robust against attacks.
    • Improved legend text in user activity request handler.


    • Ensure cached responses (HTTP 304) uses correct headers, which should fix a HTTP keep-alive issue with Google Chrome and possibly other browsers.
    • If an e-portal user was disabled and/or merged with another one, you would sometimes get a database error during login via e-portal. This should now be fixed.
    • A user without an email address registered in e-portal would be unable to login to Portfolio again after a removal/re-addition. This should now be fixed.
    • Fix a database error on page view ping which caused time accounting to stop prematurely if the same ping was reported more than once.

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