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  • Features galore: Statistics on questions, job notification msg +

    Posted by: Robin Smidsrød 10. Nov 2011 11:31

    Today's update (b863b8e4) brings with it the following changes:

    • New feature: Statistics on how questions are answered are now available to object owners. Have a look in the Edit menu at the top of the screen when you're looking at a specific object. There should be a new entry there called Observations. Currently you're only seeing the complete score of each user that delivered answers, but there is a whole lot more of details being saved. More detailed reports will be possible in an upcoming release.
    • New feature: Backend CEFR placement test report generator. Can be run on request to generate detailed information about the responses from CEFR test candidates.
    • New feature: Anyone related to an institution can now see basic information about the institution.
      New feature: The forgotten password URL can now be overidden on a site-by-site basis.
    • New feature: It is now possible to add a social media sharing button (AddThis) to any template.
    • New feature: Flash applications can now specify a config value in custom_init that can be used to specify the location of a configuration file.
    • New feature: Unpacking zip files and transcoding video now sends a message with status information to the user after completion.
    • New feature: Added the following new translation languages required by Mot Målet: Kurdish (Iran), Persian (Iran), Tigrinya (Ethiopia), Russian (Russia), Thai (Thailand).
    • Improvement: Upgraded to jQuery 1.6 and jQuery UI 1.8.13. This is a maintenance/stability upgrade.
    • Improvement: quiz_alert() now uses modern jQuery UI modal dialog instead of simple alert().
    • Improvement: Upgraded the icon set to IconExperience V-Collection 2.0. The overall look should be a little bit more modern. Several icons have also been changed to better represent their function.
    • Improvement: Quiz of type radio now emits error message if options parameter is missing.
    • Bugfix: Uploaded Java applets should now be detected properly.
    • Bugfix: TIFF images should now properly detect width and height.
    • Bugfix: Invalid quiz() type will now count as a non-scoring question.
    • Bugfix: Autogenerated messages should now be presented in the recipient's user interface language, not in the sender's language.
    • Bugfix: Fixed a NOT FOUND (404) error related to the search inside a course feature.
    • Bugfix: Going one level up in the file selector works again.
    • Bugfix: Quiz of type matchbox now plays audio after reshuffle.
    • Feature removal: The compatibility IE6 GIF icon set has been removed.
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  • List of the most active bloggers available

    Posted by: Robin Smidsrød 18. May 2011 18:17

    Today's update to version 5ede731 brings with it the following changes:

    • Improved performance: Most active/most read bloggers' list is now usable.
    • Bugfix: Institution list on welcome page and in user profile now sorts according to user interface language.
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  • WYSIWYG editor finally working with Internet Explorer 9

    Posted by: Robin Smidsrød 29. Apr 2011 19:45

    Today's update (version 4358a94) brings with it the following changes:

    • API change: Template attribute course.root_container was removed, use root_data instead.
    • API change: Template attribute group.parent_container was removed, use parent_data instead.
    • Security change: Lesedilla TTS feature is now available to anonymous users.
    • Bugfix: Institutions, groups and users are now sorted according to user's language in most places.
    • Bugfix: Upgraded to TinyMCE 3.4.2. Should fix problems with Internet Explorer 9.
    • Performance improvement: Listing institutions should be much faster.
    • Layout improvement: Course membership display in user profile reimplemented. Should be easier to understand.
    • Information improvement: The group list now lists all related groups for the user, not just global groups.
    • New feature: It is now possible to list the 25 most active/popular bloggers for a given institution.
    • New feature: PIN code series (and shared PIN codes) can now be deactivated on a given date. Some other information can also be modified after creation.
    • New feature: New request handler for getting price information on books (by ISBN) from several websites.
    • New feature: Added generic Google Analytics code block. Activate on any site by setting the configuration variable google_analytics_id to the UA-XXX code from Google. Remember to remove any existing Google Analytics tracking code you might have been using in the site template.

    UPDATE 2011-04-29 19:45: The update has been completed successfully.

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  • Performance improvements finally coming!

    Posted by: Robin Smidsrød 25. Mar 2011 21:01

    2011-03-25 21:00 CET: The update has now been completed.

    The software update being performed today (version b8b14e9) brings with it a lot of improvements. Administrators will specifically like this update, as it brings with it several performance improvements. Read below for more details.

    • New feature: Search for objects/folders within course content.
    • New feature: Search for objects/folders within a given folder.
    • New feature: Search for objects/folders within a given site (from site's root folder).
    • New feature: Search for objects/folders in the entire database.
    • New feature: Parent institution can now be specified.
    • New feature: Contact manager can now be used for selecting users, groups and institutions. It is also much easier to use from a template.
    • Performance improvement: Search responses with lots of hits now respond faster.
    • Performance improvement: Search within site should be much faster.
    • Performance improvement: Listing the contents of folders should be somewhat faster.
    • Performance improvement: Listing institutions should be quite a lot faster.
    • Performance improvement: Using the assign to group action inside collection should now respond in reasonable time.
    • Performance improvement: Listing course/student/teacher connections should be significantly faster.
    • Performance improvement: Listing courses should be faster.
    • Performance improvement: Managing site folders should be significantly faster.
    • Performance improvement: Managing course content should be quite faster.
    • Performance improvement: Internet Explorer 9 users now benefit from GZip compression on all content.
    • Performance improvement: Removed unnecessary GZip compression on static images and MP3 files.
    • Enhancement: When doing search within course or folder, the folder menu (usually on the left of the screen) is now populated with the currently searched folder.
    • Enhancement: When adding/editing an institution, searching for owner and institution now uses contact manager.
    • Enhancement: It is now possible to unpack zip archives with file names in either UTF8 or ISO-8859-1 (Latin1) encoding.
    • Enhancement: Bundled jQuery library updated to 1.5.1.
    • Enhancement: Bundled jQuery UI library updated to 1.8.9.
    • Enhancement: Bundled SoundManager2 library updated to 2.97.
    • Permission change: Search within folder is now available to anonymous users.
    • Bugfix: Disabled HTML5 audio with SoundManager on IE9. Should fix MP3 playback issue.
    • Bugfix: Fixed problem with playback of multiple sounds concurrently (Lesedilla).
    • Bugfix: Word audio playback feature now skips iframes and form elements (Lesedilla).
    • Bugfix: Fixed internal server error in configuration set management workflow.
    • Bugfix: TinyMCE (the WYSIWYG editor) should now be served with a versioned URL (should fix potential caching problems).
    • Bugfix: Thumbnail URL generation in file chooser now uses versioned URL (should fix potential caching problems).
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  • Details on today's software update

    Posted by: Robin Smidsrød 18. Feb 2011 18:57

    Today's update to version 337b047 includes these changes:

    • New feature: Audio playback button images (MP3) can now be customized.
    • New feature: When using the send to supervisor feature of the object editor, primary and secondary supervisors are now given access to the submission object automatically. Old submission objects will have to be updated manually with new permissions.
    • Enhancement: Improved caching of permissions for current_object should give decent performance improvement and decrease load on database system.
    • Enhancement: Updated translations for Norwegian bokmål/nynorsk, Swedish and Danish.
    • Security bugfix: Listing folders would show all folders instead of no folders if user had access to 0 subfolders in a folder. Accessing the folders was never allowed, but it visually confused several layouts.
    • Bugfix: language_list.$client_language template code should work again.
    • Bugfix: Invalid HTML in list_templates handler fixed.
    • Bugfix: TTS system can now play back words with non-ASCII characters in it.
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