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  • Details on today's software update

    Posted by: Robin Smidsrød 18. Feb 2011 17:57

    Today's update to version 337b047 includes these changes:

    • New feature: Audio playback button images (MP3) can now be customized.
    • New feature: When using the send to supervisor feature of the object editor, primary and secondary supervisors are now given access to the submission object automatically. Old submission objects will have to be updated manually with new permissions.
    • Enhancement: Improved caching of permissions for current_object should give decent performance improvement and decrease load on database system.
    • Enhancement: Updated translations for Norwegian bokmål/nynorsk, Swedish and Danish.
    • Security bugfix: Listing folders would show all folders instead of no folders if user had access to 0 subfolders in a folder. Accessing the folders was never allowed, but it visually confused several layouts.
    • Bugfix: language_list.$client_language template code should work again.
    • Bugfix: Invalid HTML in list_templates handler fixed.
    • Bugfix: TTS system can now play back words with non-ASCII characters in it.
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  • Feilretting etter gårsdagens oppdatering

    Posted by: Robin Smidsrød 08. Feb 2011 12:32

    Det hadde sneket seg inn noen feil som førte til at bl.a. Min Vei-kurset ikke virket som det skulle.

    Oppdatering til versjon f5762ee retter feilene. Vi beklager ulempene dette har medført.

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  • Software update completed!

    Posted by: Robin Smidsrød 07. Feb 2011 20:33

    We have now updated to version 1d393e7. This update brings with it the following changes:

    • New feature: Playback of clicked words (Lesedilla).
    • Enhancement: Maximum registrations on a shared PIN code is now honored.
    • Enhancement: popup() and embed_glossary() TT code now uses SoundManager playback API.
    • Enhancement: manage_language() can now be instrumented to remove language region on display.
    • Bugfix: FLV Screenvideo codec duration was not detected properly.
    • Bugfix: OpenOffice documents were not detected properly.
    • Bugfix: crossdomain.xml never worked.
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  • Usage log functionality restored

    Posted by: Robin Smidsrød 20. Jan 2011 17:12

    Yesterday's update made the usage log feature unavailable because of a programming error.

    Today's update (6208b83) restores that feature to a working state.

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  • Today's software update is completed

    Posted by: Robin Smidsrød 19. Jan 2011 19:07

    This version (fbd24d1) brings with it the following changes:

    • New feature: PIN code registration for sites. Users can now register themselves based on a shared PIN code associated with a particular customer/site.
    • New feature: CEFR/PlacementTest email report now includes user's email address.
    • Bugfix: link() template code now works with fragment parameter.
    • Bugfix: GZip compression is disabled on Microsoft Internet Explorer 9. This should make the site work in IE9 beta.
    • Bugfix: Right-to-left languages should now render properly on Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.
    • Lots of improvements to the backend to increase consistency.
    • More robust user interface language changing.
    • Bugfix: Able to handle malformed Unicode (UTF8) better in filenames in zip archives.
    • Development changed to use Git (from Subversion). The only visible change is the different version number at the bottom of the screen.
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