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  • Improved folder menu rendering, simplified language selection and more

    Posted by: Robin Smidsrød 16. Dec 2014 19:45

    This update (c10cb3d) brings with it the following changes:

    New features

    • Added new template function called filesystem(). This function can be used to render the entire tree for a root container. The first parameter is the root container, the second is the container to show objects in. If the second parameter is not specified, all objects will be shown.
    • Rewritten the element_menu (folder menu) template to use this new filesystem() template function. The HTML has been changed a little bit, but it is mostly compatible with the old one. Some CSS classes have been removed and some changed. All items in the menu now use the translated title (if available).
    • The filesystem HTTP request handler now uses the same filesystem() template function. The path parameters dispatch directly to the template function. It is now also available to anonymous users.
    • Added ability to use emoticons in the WYSIWYG editor.


    • Change the language selector manage_language() to only show completely translated languages by default. You can specify the show_all boolean parameter if you need to see all supported user-interface languages.
    • Changed quiz assignment view so that the student is able to see which answers are correct or wrong after the supervisor has corrected the assignment. Previously the answers were just shown in bold.


    • The quiz type check correct/wrong icon sometimes overlapped the checkbox. This is now fixed.
    • Translation languages were missing for the jQuery DataTables plugin, which caused the search feature to be missing if an unsupported language was used. This has been fixed.
    • Fixed a bug with the quiz types check, select, text and matchbox where they didn't honor score set to 0 when displaying correct/wrong status in supervisor/student view.
    • The element_menu_loading DOM element was kept in the DOM after element_menu was loaded. Now it is removed from the DOM instead of just hidden.

    Feature removals

    • The element_menu template is no longer in need of any local variables, so the template is now rendered with a call to process_template('element_menu'). The previously used template function element_menu() has been removed.
    • All overridden page_footer templates must be changed to call process_template('element_menu') instead of element_menu().
    • The filesystem HTTP request handler could previously render the tree for the entire database. This feature has been removed.
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  • Session security and language improvements

    Posted by: Robin Smidsrød 26. Nov 2014 15:34

    This update (65f3052) brings with it the following changes:

    Security issues

    • If a user is logged out because their IP address changed, inform them about it.
    • Disable use of the X-Forwarded-For HTTP header as the source of the client IP address. It can be forged. Only approved reverse proxy servers are now allowed.


    • Added Burmese, Sorani (Central Kurdish) and Kurmanji (Northern Kurdish) translation languages.
    • Added new user interface languages Greek and Romanian. If a user selects this language the messages will come in English, as the language has not yet been translated.
    • Upgraded the languages Arabic, German and Turkish to user interface languages. Same note as above applies.
    • Improved the names of both Norwegian languages and Pashto.
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  • Session variables, flash messages, performance improvements and more

    Posted by: Robin Smidsrød 5. Nov 2014 17:31

    This update (c47d0e4) brings with it the following improvements:

    New features

    • Session variables can now be used to store information for anonymous users. Only pre-approved variables can be used, and they have very limited size.
    • Whenever you perform an activity that stores some kind of information, you will now get a flash message about what happened when the page redirects. This message was not displayed earlier. Flash messages can have three severities: info, warning and error.
    • Anonymous users can now set their language preference using the manage_language() template function. This is not available in the default template, but sites can choose to use this feature as required. All three language settings can be set.

    Performance improvements

    • Session authentication and information is now stored in a Redis database that should allow much higher concurrency than our old solution.
    • Avoid logging a lot of event information that is never displayed anywhere. Also removed 34 million old events which are no longer needed.

    Security improvements

    • The session ID is no longer logged with the login event, which could be used by certain privileged users to hijack sessions. This is no longer possible.
    • The online request handler now shows the IP addresses associated with the sessions if you're logged in as a global administrator. Guests are also displayed in the table.


    • Whenever you hide or show the left/right panels or the message of the day, this is now stored in a session variable instead of a cookie.
    • The user panel (right side of the screen) now stores in a session variable which section is open on page refresh.
    • When you close the file browser, the last folder you were in is stored in a session variable and the next time you open it without a specific location you should be back where you were.
    • Whenever the message of the day is added or changed the users that have hidden it will see it again.
    • Flash messages are now used on CEFR sites to inform about report sent. This allows users to return to the report after sending it.
    • When storing an object using JSON response mode, the serialized object is now returned to the caller.


    • Fix a partially hidden logout button issue in Google Chrome.
    • Fix a bug where the value 0 is not considered a valid label.
    • Make multi-select in the inbox and outbox more consistent with normal UI behavior.


    • The old time log request handler which was replaced with the page views report has now finally been removed. It's not been usable since February 2014.
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  • Update to Google Universal Analytics and fix multiple character encoding issues

    Posted by: Robin Smidsrød 6. Oct 2014 11:51

    This update (0e904af) brings with it the following changes:


    • Fix character encoding issues when doing the following:
      • adding configuration set values
      • modifying configuration values
      • modifying site names
      • storing assignment scores
      • creating message box tags
      • creating objects
      • creating containers
      • modifying glossary entries
    • Avoid a database error if an invalid number is specified when storing or updating an object or container.


    • Updated to Google Universal Analytics for better user behavior insight.
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  • Bugfix for missing send button on Java-based voice recorder

    Posted by: Robin Smidsrød 30. Sep 2014 11:57

    This update (d89c9f5) brings with it the following changes:


    • Fix problem with character set encoding when editing course name.
    • Ensure the send button on the Java-base voice recorder is available.
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