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  • Improved database backup solution

    Posted by: Robin Smidsrød 29. Jan 2019 18:29

    Today's update (a195d1b) brings with it the following backend changes (no user-facing changes were added in this update):

    Performance improvements

    • The database backup solution has been changed from a logical to a physical backup, decreasing page load while the backup is running.


    • It is now possible to do point-in-time recovery of the database in case of disasters.
    • Testing of template functions was improved.
    • Diminished backend logging from ffmpeg when generating video thumbnails.
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  • Fixed server errors on delete_quiz and increased thumbnail timeouts

    Posted by: Robin Smidsrød 12. Dec 2018 11:31

    Today's hotpatch (3b3bbbc) includes these changes:

    Performance improvements

    • Increased number of BlobMachine workers. Should allow fetching of more blobs concurrently.


    • It was not possible to remove your saved or sent answers because the delete_quiz request handler was generating an internal server error. This should now be fixed.
    • Increased timeout for thumbnail and avatar request handlers to 30 seconds, to avoid timeout issues on large video objects.
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  • Fixed thumbnail generation issues, accessibility issues and more

    Posted by: Robin Smidsrød 11. Dec 2018 17:38

    Today's update (e359913) brings with it the following changes:

    Performance improvements

    • Fixed issue with thumbnail request handler sometimes crashing when generating thumbnail from an image object.
    • Changed thumbnail request handler to only ever request a single frame when generating thumbnail from a video object. It still crashes when trying to generate thumbnail from incompatible video objects.


    • The font size in the TinyMCE text editor has been changed from 10px to 12px for better readability.
    • Refactored a lot of request handlers, ensuring more consistent code. There is a small risk of regressions. Please report any unexpected behavior.
    • Performance statistics are now logged in a common format, ensuring consistency with other applications. The old JSON format is no longer used.


    • Added missing alt attribute on MP4 video objects, improving accessibility.
    • Fixed an issue where alt and title attributes weren't rendered on thumbnails if the value was the empty string or the value 0.
    • The template function get_group_member_count() now properly returns an array, even when the array contains only a single item.
    • Fixed wrong documentation on several request handlers.
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  • Fix password-changing issue and other bugs

    Posted by: Robin Smidsrød 13. Nov 2018 16:28

    Today's update (b33e7c9) brings with it the following changes:

    Security issues

    • An issue preventing users without impersonate permission (almost everyone) from changing their own password was fixed.

    Performance improvements

    • When trying to render a thumbnail for an unsupported file format or broken file, the web worker process generating that image would exit early because of a PIPE signal, potentially triggering overload on that web worker node. It could also happen when transcoding wave audio files to MP3. These error conditions should no longer cause unexpected web worker process exits.
    • A lot of database refactoring has been done, some of it improving performance in certain situations.


    • Improved language in messages related to password reset and user account deletion procedures.
    • The amount of inactive users deleted is now increased from 5% to 40% each time the job is run. This should ensure inactive users are deleted faster.
    • Improved automatic test coverage, giving better protection against regressions.
    • Refactored a lot of request handlers to use newer coding style. This should allow us to remove unused, old code eventually.


    • In the My students report the dropdown group filter and the filter textbox wasn't always synchronized. Now, whenever one of them is used, the other is reset to avoid confusion. Only one of them can be used at the time. In addition, if you use the back browser button to navigate back to the page, the previous settings are put back. This information is stored in a cookie for 30 minutes.
    • Fixed an issue in report_score template function, where passing an empty string where a UUID is needed would trigger an error.
    • Fixed an issue in list_account_registrations request handler, where users with an unknown created timestamp wouldn't show up in reports. This should now be fixed.
    • In the avatar template function, if it was called without a size value, a warning was emitted. This is now fixed.
    • Avoid warning being emitted if object without created or updated timestamp is rendered.
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  • Fix issue with application error page being shown more than usual

    Posted by: Robin Smidsrød 17. Oct 2018 11:09

    A hotpatch (4dc3625) was deployed today to address the issue where users would see the "an application error occurred, try again later" page more often than usual.

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