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  • New feature to upload profile photo, improved access key form, developer documentation and several bugfixes

    Posted by: Robin Smidsrød 2. Jun 2015 19:49

    This update (775d824) brings with it the following changes:

    New features

    • The access key form will now automatically log you in if you specify an existing email address and password. It will also redirect back to the front page or to a user-specified URL properly.
    • Added new feature that makes it simple for a user to upload their photo and set their avatar.
    • Frontend developer reference documentation framework has been created and some reference documentation has been added. Some backend documentation is also available to global administrators. More documentation will come in a future update.
    • New template function get_system_group_id.
    • Some request handlers can now skip rendering the main page title (H1 element), but still show the page title. The user profile request handler and documentation handler uses this new feature.


    • The tables used to list the developer documentation now has improved usability. You can now quickly filter using incremental search.
    • The file uploader is now more flexible. You can specify extension filter, file permission and callback function.
    • Completely redesigned the visual layout of the Message of the Day page section. Should look more modern now. This style is always included in page, so sites using no_default_design override don't need to worry about designing it.
    • The MOTD will no longer show for a brief moment and then be hidden if the user has decided to hide it.
    • Improved anchor button style. Should look more like a button now.


    • Fixed bug which could cause loss of information in manage site containers request handler.
    • The event tracking of sound files didn't create a usable label in the Google Analytics report. This should now be fixed.
    • The width of the title field in the content editor and the text box in the score feedback handlers have been fixed.
    • The left margin on paragraph and header text wasn't consistent because we were using EM units. This has been fixed by changing to pixel units.
    • If both the description and body content had broken HTML in the content editor, it was impossible to toggle code view for body content. This bug has been fixed.
    • Fixed several bugs related to avatar display in user profile.
    • The configuration edit feature in the user profile was broken if an administrator was looking at a user profile. Only the user itself can edit their configuration. Links that allowed this broken behavior was removed.
    • The MOTD will no longer be styled wrong in print view.
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  • Major design overhaul, new file uploader and lots, lots more

    Posted by: Robin Smidsrød 9. Apr 2015 23:18

    The update performed yesterday (d1f718e) took a lot of effort, and I'd like to give thanks to everyone that helped out with fixing the issues that showed up after it was deployed. All sites should be back to operational status. If you do notice anything that worked a few days ago but has now stopped working, please report it.

    Performance improvements

    • The read/unread state of an object is now fetched in a much faster way, improving rendering speed overall, but especially in container views.
    • Combined YUI (Yahoo User Interface) CSS components into a single 'normalize.css' stylesheet. This should improve performance slightly, especially for older browsers. All other stylesheets have also been combined into a single stylesheet named 'design.css' for the same reason.

    New features

    • Sound playback events like play, pause and stop, are now automatically logged to Google Analytics, enabling us to better understand how people interact with sounds.
    • Statistics about how many members are inside groups can now be fetched in templates with the get_group_member_count() template function.
    • The file uploader has been completely rewritten to use modern HTML5 browser capabilities, enabling drag-and-drop uploading.
    • The following user interface languages have been added: Arabic, German, Greek, Romanian and Turkish. These translations are not complete, and only the strings used by CEFR test framework have been translated.
    • A new jQuery plugin named fs2tree has been added to make it possible to render a file system tree in any template. This is used by the new minimalistic layout.
    • It is now possible to remove most of the default design, making it possible for designers to setup their own layouts without first needing to remove a lot of the default styles and features. This is enabled by adding a site-config boolean variable named no_default_design. When the default design is disabled, the following features are removed:
      • Default 'design.css' stylesheet is not loaded.
      • Global config variable 'stylesheet' is ignored.
      • Global config variable 'include' is ignored.
      • The PORTFOLIO.layout_fix_height() event handler is disabled.
      • The wrapper_page element in the core page template is not rendered.
    • A new set of minimalistic templates have been added for designers, enabling them to quickly create flexible designs with grouping.
    • The custom_init field previously only available on objects have been introduced for containers. Their usage is identical.
    • Introduced new mandatory stylesheet 'behavior.css' and moved all bundled styles into a single 'design.css' file which can be disabled. This should also improve performance slightly, especially on older browsers.
    • Pagination in container views can now be disabled on a site-by-site basis. Use the no_pagination site-config boolean variable to disable. Be aware that this also impact blog containers.
    • Added a standard way of preloading translations in JavaScript apps without using extra AJAX requests. The HTML for the app user interface can also included in a similar way. The translation file should be named <appname>.messages.json and the HTML UI should be named <appname>.html. These dependencies will only be loaded if you declare them with the std: prefix in your .app.js file. See the client-side app documentation for more details.


    • Placeholder images for more object types has been added in the TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor.
    • The object read/unread indicator in container views has been changed from bold to just a discrete black vertical bar. This is to avoid confusion with the bold indicator used in the folder menu to highlight the active container/object. The institution blog view has been modified in the same way.
    • Flash warning/error messages are now emitted in the following situations (these messages were previously only available to backend administrators):
      • During a recursive delete in the file manager.
      • When a CSV parser could not be constructed in the parse_csv() template function.
      • When invalid JSON data is encountered in the encode_json()/decode_json() template functions.
      • When a message to a supervisor could not be sent or permissions couldn't be granted during save in the object editor.
    • The administrative user interface for adding and removing courses to institutions now has a toggle all checkboxes feature.
    • Upgraded to version 1.11.3/2.1.3 of jQuery. Internet Explorer version 9 or older will use version 1.11.3, while all other browsers will use version 2.1.3. This should also give a slight performance improvement on modern browsers. Candy Chat was upgraded to 1.7.1 and jQuery UI was upgraded to 1.11.3 because of this upgrade. The optional jQuery Migrate plugin has been enabled to compensate for code that has not yet been upgraded to work without it.
    • The 'layout.css' stylesheet was previously only loaded in framework mode. It is now always included. A CSS class has been added to the html root DOM element so it is easy to target framework and no-framework mode. This changed a lot of CSS selectors, which impacted site designs. We have fixed everything we've found, but there might be some we haven't found that could cause usability issues.
    • The element_meta template was previously used to declare the page character set, which made it mandatory. This caused issues for sites that wanted to customize their meta information for improved search engine optimization (SEO) or better mobile user experience. This character set declaration has now been moved to the core page template.
    • Creating new containers opened up the UI with full framework. It is now opened without the surrounding framework.
    • All request handlers (except for read) now include the class wrapper_request_handler, making it easier to target content inside the main page block.
    • Ordered and unordered lists (OL/UL) previously didn't display numbers and bullets, and tables were missing borders. These have been put back to avoid the need for custom style by default.
    • A lot of style declared directly in the HTML markup has been removed in the user menu template.
    • The course navigator is now rendered semantically as part of the page footer instead of the header. This should minimize the amount of content for navigation that is rendered before the main content. This should improve usability, especially for blind people.
    • Made the left-most margin in the folder tree thinner.
    • Changed the spacer in the folder tree to be a SPAN, to improve HTML semantics.
    • All stylesheets are now included without a specific media type set. This makes it possible to use @media declarations without ambiguity.
    • All bundled stylesheets now explicitly declare their character set as UTF-8.
    • The CSS normalize we use from YUI (Yahoo User Interface) has been upgraded to version 3.18.1. It consist of the Reset, Fonts and Base components. This should improve browser rendering consistency.


    • The 3rd party library MathJax was upgraded to version 2.4 to solve a rendering issue with MathML in Internet Explorer 10 and older versions.
    • The placeholder images used in the TinyMCE WYSIWYG object editor wasn't always showing up. This should now be fixed.
    • Fixed a WebFX-related JavaScript error emitted sometimes when using the permission panel in the object editor or the file browser.
    • LEXIN changed their API making our dictionary lookups fail. Some dictionary lookups didn't work properly because of character set issues. All these issues have now been fixed.
    • The synthetic speech option provided by LeseWeb was broken because our 3rd party provider changed their character set encoding without informing us. This should now be fixed.
    • Scrollbars were rendered in the file browser. These have been removed.
    • Fixed a bug with character set encoding of content specified in object/container custom-init variables. Custom-init keys only support ASCII, but values support full Unicode defined in UTF8 via URL escaping.
    • The visual design for the folder tree was declared twice. The redundant declaration has been removed.
    • Fixed a bug with infinite JavaScript loop triggering when not using the default design.
    • The jQuery plugin disableTextSelection was removed and use-cases rewritten, as it was not compatible with the current jQuery version.
    • Improper use of the jQuery .attr() method was rewritten to use .prop().
    • The new version of the jQuery UI plugin dialog changed behavior with regards to the destroy action. Previously the DIV DOM element that contained the dialog content was removed when you called destroy. It does not do that anymore. Code has been modified to compensate for this change in behavior.
    • Fixed JavaScript error encountered when viewing an empty inbox.

    Feature removals / deprecations

    • The object custom_init_hash attribute is deprecated. New code should use the get_custom_init() method instead. The key custom_init_hash has changed name to custom_init during JSON serialization. This also applies to container instances.
    • The template element_tidy_messages was removed because it is no longer in use.
    • The unused 'dhtmlwindow.css' stylesheet was removed.
    • The CSS rules defined in 'content.css' was moved into 'design.css'. This stylesheet was used inside the TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor to allow custom rules to be declared. This was very rarely used, so this feature was removed to simplify the features available in the editor.
    • Removed IE6 bgiframe hack in popup feature. We have long since stopped supporting IE6.
    • Removed IE8 kludge for width calculation in TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor. No longer required.
    • Removed JavaScript functions PORTFOLIO.setCookie/getCookie/deleteCookie(), as they are no longer used by any code. Custom sites that need to store client-side information can use either the jQuery plugin 'cookie' or the session storage feature.
    • Removed IE7 kludge PORTFOLIO.fix_rtl() for properly handling right-to-left text. No longer required.
    • Completely removed the 3rd party Java-based file uploader JUpload. We now have a modern HTML5-based file uploader to take its place. The response mode jupload and the support features in the write request handler was also removed.
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  • Flash embedding has changed to support latest Flash runtime

    Posted by: Robin Smidsrød 18. Dec 2014 17:03

    This update (4a74d29) brings with it the following changes:


    • Changed how Flash content is embedded on Internet Explorer because the most recent Flash runtime changed what it accepted. You might need to upgrade your Flash runtime to the latest version to view Flash content.
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  • Improved folder menu rendering, simplified language selection and more

    Posted by: Robin Smidsrød 16. Dec 2014 20:45

    This update (c10cb3d) brings with it the following changes:

    New features

    • Added new template function called filesystem(). This function can be used to render the entire tree for a root container. The first parameter is the root container, the second is the container to show objects in. If the second parameter is not specified, all objects will be shown.
    • Rewritten the element_menu (folder menu) template to use this new filesystem() template function. The HTML has been changed a little bit, but it is mostly compatible with the old one. Some CSS classes have been removed and some changed. All items in the menu now use the translated title (if available).
    • The filesystem HTTP request handler now uses the same filesystem() template function. The path parameters dispatch directly to the template function. It is now also available to anonymous users.
    • Added ability to use emoticons in the WYSIWYG editor.


    • Change the language selector manage_language() to only show completely translated languages by default. You can specify the show_all boolean parameter if you need to see all supported user-interface languages.
    • Changed quiz assignment view so that the student is able to see which answers are correct or wrong after the supervisor has corrected the assignment. Previously the answers were just shown in bold.


    • The quiz type check correct/wrong icon sometimes overlapped the checkbox. This is now fixed.
    • Translation languages were missing for the jQuery DataTables plugin, which caused the search feature to be missing if an unsupported language was used. This has been fixed.
    • Fixed a bug with the quiz types check, select, text and matchbox where they didn't honor score set to 0 when displaying correct/wrong status in supervisor/student view.
    • The element_menu_loading DOM element was kept in the DOM after element_menu was loaded. Now it is removed from the DOM instead of just hidden.

    Feature removals

    • The element_menu template is no longer in need of any local variables, so the template is now rendered with a call to process_template('element_menu'). The previously used template function element_menu() has been removed.
    • All overridden page_footer templates must be changed to call process_template('element_menu') instead of element_menu().
    • The filesystem HTTP request handler could previously render the tree for the entire database. This feature has been removed.
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  • Session security and language improvements

    Posted by: Robin Smidsrød 26. Nov 2014 16:34

    This update (65f3052) brings with it the following changes:

    Security issues

    • If a user is logged out because their IP address changed, inform them about it.
    • Disable use of the X-Forwarded-For HTTP header as the source of the client IP address. It can be forged. Only approved reverse proxy servers are now allowed.


    • Added Burmese, Sorani (Central Kurdish) and Kurmanji (Northern Kurdish) translation languages.
    • Added new user interface languages Greek and Romanian. If a user selects this language the messages will come in English, as the language has not yet been translated.
    • Upgraded the languages Arabic, German and Turkish to user interface languages. Same note as above applies.
    • Improved the names of both Norwegian languages and Pashto.
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