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  • Network upgrade completed

    Posted by: Robin Smidsrød 6. Dec 2016 07:32
    A short maintenance was performed this night to upgrade our backend switch to gigabit speed to improve performance of our database access and backups. The maintenance completed successfully and everything is back to normal. Increased network speed should result in slightly better overall performance.
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  • Fix audio playback in popups and various other minor issues

    Posted by: Robin Smidsrød 16. Nov 2016 16:22

    Today's update (ade4039) brings with it the following changes:

    New features

    • Allow load balancers with SSL termination in front of web servers by supporting X-Forwarded-For and X-Forwarded-Proto HTTP headers.


    • Added a max_depth parameter to the explain template function.
    • Changed link template function to always use two database calls when resolving identifier. Should avoid an edge case in identifier resolving.


    • Changed talkbook feature to use URLs encoded in UTF-8 instead of legacy character sets. This should fix the inability to play back sounds with non-ASCII characters in popups.
    • Fixed broken rendering of template objects in history feature. This should ensure template objects shown in the history feature doesn't break page layout.
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  • Hardware upgrade improves response time

    Posted by: Robin Smidsrød 10. Nov 2016 09:23

    This night we had a hardware upgrade which added additional CPU cores to our web server to mitigate the poor response time that has been plaguing us for some time.

    Based on preliminary readings of our statistics the upgrade was a success and response time during peak hours should now be much better.

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  • New fs2tree template function, iOS MP3 playback bugfix and more

    Posted by: Robin Smidsrød 3. Nov 2016 16:22

    Today's update (e49fef5) brings with it the following changes:

    Performance improvements

    • The folder menu template (element_menu) has been rewritten to use the new fs2tree template function, which should speed it up quite a bit.
    • Display of forum comments should be faster because the backend database structure has been significantly improved.

    New features

    • A new template function called fs2tree has been added, which is used to convert the array from filesystem template function into a tree structure, which should be useful for template designers.
    • The translation languages Amharic, Oromo and Swahili has been added.


    • On Safari (Mac/iOS) autocorrection and autocapitalization was done to the quiz type text, which was unfortunate, as it caused a lot of typing errors which could've been avoided. This behavior has been disabled.
    • The HTML layout of the filesystem request handler has been improved by using the new fs2tree template function.
    • Virtualhost and response time has been added to backend web server logs, allowing better monitoring.
    • The commenting feature was redesigned to avoid a circular foreign-key constraint, allowing improved database backup performance.
    • The database backup script is now more automation-friendly.


    • SoundManager was upgraded to version 2.97a.20150601, which should fix the HTML5 MP3 playback issue on iOS/Safari.
    • An internal error when trying display a message without a sender was fixed.
    • Tables were missing labels if user interface language was set to Arabic. This has been fixed.
    • A file-not-found error was triggered if the incomplete Spanish user interface language was used. This has been fixed.
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  • Unexpected downtime because of network issue

    Posted by: Robin Smidsrød 2. Nov 2016 15:12
    Because of an unexpected network issue with our backend network the servers were down from 14:49 to 15:52 (Europe/Oslo timezone). Our data center provider was able to resolve the issue and services are now operational again.
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