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Product news and other information from the developers of Portfolio.
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  • Completely new course activity report

    Posted by: Robin Smidsrød 28. Feb 2013 18:20

    With this update (884ec45) comes the following changes:

    New features:

    • The course result/activity report has been completely rewritten and now includes more information than before. All columns are now sortable for easier navigation. The following information has been added to the report:
      • Recording responses and writing documents based on course objects.
      • Time spent on reading and answering quizzes.
      • Timestamps for last time read, answered, delivered, corrected and modified.
      • Full path to the course document.
      • Average score for all scores submitted.
    • Voice recordings now include information pointing back to the document they were created from. This makes it possible for them to show up in the course result report.


    • The Add user to group button in the group membership listing now points to the collection UI.
    • The group membership list now includes a button to see activity for selected users. Only the users that are your students will be visible in the activity report. Any non-student user will be silently ignored. This is a feature to protect user's privacy.


    • It is now possible to use the collection UI to add users to a non-institution group.
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  • Time tracking issue in Internet Explorer 7 and 8 fixed!

    Posted by: Robin Smidsrød 20. Feb 2013 17:31

    A problem was discovered that caused time tracking to not work properly for users that use Internet Explorer versions older than 9. If you have a log that shows for the most part less than 5 seconds on every single page view, you've probably been bitten by the problem.

    This issue should now be fixed. Time tracking from this moment on should be accurate also for Internet Explorer 7 and 8 users.

    We apologize for any problems this might have caused our users.

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  • Vastly improved user presence time tracking!

    Posted by: Robin Smidsrød 07. Feb 2013 20:09

    This update (cbdaf4d) contains these changes:

    New features:

    • User activity is now tracked and regularely submitted to the server. It only includes how many seconds since you last touched the keyboard or moved/clicked the mouse (i.e., idle time). This activity tracker is usually hidden, but can be made visible by setting the configuration variable "show_interactivity" to a true value.
    • All of this tracked activity is reported in two new reports named User activity and Page views. They are made available from a user's profile page. You can also reach it via the My students report. Look for the new button named Show activity at the bottom of the page. You can only see information about yourself and your students.
    • Real-time user activity is kept for 2 weeks, daily summaries for 4 weeks, and weekly summaries are kept forever. This should make it much easier to figure out what a user has been doing. The report is also much more accurate than the old Usage log feature, which is now deprecated and will be removed at some point in the future.


    • Sites listed when managing institutions are now ordered by site title.
    • New template function called request_handler_name_map(), which is used to lookup the label of a request handler.
    • Most tables now use a consistent style and are both sortable and searchable.
    • Added template true/false functions, so it is now quite simple to embed literal JSON into templates.


    • The jQuery metadata plugin was removed. Please use the built-in support for HTML5 data attributes instead.
    • The last read / last edited objects links in the user profile page have been removed. This information can now be found in the Page views report.
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  • SOLVED: Problems to login with email

    Posted by: Robin Smidsrød 11. Nov 2012 14:52

    Unfortunately an error had snuck into the user name migration process that made it impossible for people that used to log in with their email to do so.

    This error has now been resolved.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.

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  • Improved report performance and email hidden everywhere

    Posted by: Robin Smidsrød 09. Nov 2012 19:29

    This update (e9c70bb3) brings these changes:


    • Institution administrators can now choose from a list of URLs to include in the welcome email when they register new users. Global administrators should set the site configuration variable allow_site_publishing to a true value to enable the feature on a specific domain.
    • Improved the performance of the My students report considerably.
    • All new users that register will now get an auto-generated user name if they don't specify one during registration.
    • The no_framework template variable is now globally available.
    • Remove display of email in all reports.


    • A one-time process has been executed to clean up invalid email and user name on all users. It auto-generated a user name on all users that had their email set as their user name.
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