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  • Minor update: Added group quick-search box in my students report

    Posted by: Robin Smidsrød 16. Sep 2013 16:08

    This update (6a2c217) brings with it the following changes:


    • The previous updated made it harder for supervisors to find just a group of their students. A new dropdown box now makes it easy to quick-search for a specific group of students.
    • Tagalog and Lithuanian translation languages was added, in preparation for some new dictionaries to come.
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  • New Flash-based sound recorder available

    Posted by: Robin Smidsrød 05. Sep 2013 16:41

    Today's update (444a0e43) contains these changes:

    New features:

    • If a recorder app is available, all of the internal sound recording features in Portfolio will use this app instead of the existing Java-based applet. The new sound recorder app uses a Flash-based approach instead, which should be more compatible. Future improvements might be to add WebRTC audio support to avoid Flash completely.
    • Added an app proxy request handler, which makes it possible to link directly to globally defined apps, like the d-book web reader.


    • When login page is opened inside an iframe, text input focus is no longer changed.
    • The My students report has been changed into one big table with groups hidden, but expandable on click. Seeing just students for a specific group can be achieved by filtering manually on the group using the search box. This should make the report simpler to read and understand for most users.


    • Leading and trailing whitespace in config variables are now trimmed when saving and updating them.
    • Character encoding in title and description when creating and modifying objects should now work more consistently.
    • Fix horizontal scrollbar issue in My configuration report in Chrome.
    • Fix indentation issue in quiz type radio and check. The text should no longer wrap below the radio/checkbox.
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  • ePortal and BookSync integration available

    Posted by: Robin Smidsrød 26. Jun 2013 17:21

    Today's update (c532951) brings with it the following changes:

    New features

    • It is now possible to login to Portfolio using Fagbokforlaget's ePortal. This should solve the long-standing request of being able to login to Portfolio using FEIDE credentials. The ePortal is not available to the general public yet, but it is expected to go live around late-August 2013. Be aware that only authentication is provided at this stage. No permissions or memberships are created when you log in using this method.
    • It is now possible to authenticate Portfolio with the new BookSync service, which gives access to your dbooks, notes and other stored information.


    • Rewritten the resolve_path handler, which is responsible for simulating a traditional filesystem, required by many other features, e.g. apps. This is both a bugfix and a performance improvement. Overall it should be more robust. It was possible to start the resolve_path URL with something that was not a UUID. This feature has been removed, as it could cause confusion and bad behavior. Double slashes and single dots should now be properly optimized away. Double dots to traverse up to parent is still not supported, primarily because browsers tend to strip the URL part before the double dots as part of URL canonicalization rules. This in most cases causes the base UUID to be lost and path resolving to fail.
    • CSS stylesheets now use the above resolve_path method during load, which makes it possible to reference images and other CSS files using relative paths, as long as they don't use back-references.
    • Simplified the text and layout of the error screen. The technical reasons for the error are now less prominent.


    • It is again possible to create a group without adding users using the institution management page.
    • In some cases the page URL could be reported wrongfully to templates. This has now been fixed.
    • Fixed some slightly wrong HTTP error codes in data and download handlers.
    • The comment user interface is now hidden when printing a page.
    • CSS objects embedded in element_meta overridden template now correctly end up in element_head.
    • Flash and Java-based apps now properly use the app object's filename (or title) as a DOM class label.


    • The element_useragent template function was removed, as it was no longer in use.
    • The element_coursemenu template function was removed, as it was no longer in use.
    • The template variable document_owner was removed from the page_footer template. It was never initialized, and there are better ways to get hold of that information now.
    • The template variable quiz_present was removed from the page_footer template. It was no longer in use.
    • The template variable document_iconsize was removed from the page_header template. It was never initialized, and other alternatives exist now.
    • The template variable language was removed from the page_header template. It was only used once, and that usage was wrong. Other, better, alternatives exist now.
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  • Big user database cleanup, performance improvements and various bugfixes

    Posted by: Robin Smidsrød 24. May 2013 02:44

    Because of some unexpected side-effects during the user cleanup work, Portfolio was unavailable Thursday afternoon and evening. We're very sorry about extended downtime.

    Today's update (b2bba79) includes the following changes:

    Performance improvements:

    • The My supervisors report should now be much faster.
    • The Students and supervisors report (accessible from institution menu) should be a great deal faster.
    • The User registration timestamps report (accessible via group view) should be more efficient.


    • Wave files are now played back with on-the-fly conversion to MP3. This should make audio playback of recorded speech more compatible across devices.
    • Special user folders are now renamed using the user's framework language during login. The home folder will use the nickname of the logged-in user.
    • Error messages are now rendered more consistently, and technical details should be less prominent, increasing usability.
    • The CSV parsing of users in the Manage institution handler is more robust.
    • The login form and logic has been cleaned up and should be more user-friendly. It is now possible to login using non-HTML workflows (e.g. JSON or XML).
    • The link() TT function now allows specifying the size of the popup window. Fullscreen mode is also possible.
    • Users registered more than a year ago which have never logged-in have been removed.
    • Better explanation of interactivity number on user activity report.


    • Users with duplicate user names (because of case difference) have now been eliminated and it should no longer be possible to create them.
    • When word playback in TTS (used in Mot målet) crosses a line boundary (LF) the sound was previously not played back. This should now be fixed.
    • White-space before and after quiz answers (text type) are now trimmed.
    • Ensure an invalid avatar user config variable doesn't break user profile rendering.
    • Creation of large comments and message responses should now work as expected.
    • Config variables are only shown when editing a user's profile if it is your own profile.
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  • Several minor problems fixed

    Posted by: Robin Smidsrød 21. Mar 2013 18:45

    This update (d64cd9a) brings with it the following changes:

    New features:

    • It is now possible to force the language used on a specific site, regardless of user and/or browser settings.
    • A new button has been added on the user profile page that makes your avatar image available to everyone in one click.


    • The course result report has been improved in several ways.
      • The rendering speed as been improved.
      • The hover feature to show more details was deemed to be a bit annoying, so it was changed to click to toggle instead.
      • Now results with a score of 0 should be properly displayed.
      • Pagination now includes numbered pages instead of just previous/next buttons.
    • Icon rendering is now more consistent. Tooltips should only be rendered if no visible label is present.
    • Your contact list now shows groups with a tooltip with the institution name, if present.


    • Email links in blog view has been removed. Author link now points to user's profile.
    • Search engines should no longer index links to /resolve_path/.
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