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  • Signed Java applets and improved page view logging

    Posted by: Robin Smidsrød 29. Jan 2014 16:07

    Today's update (ead4274) brings with it the following changes:


    • All Java applets (JUpload, ListenUp and PFXcell) are now signed and should work without security exceptions on Java 7u51.
    • The last page view before an explicit logout was not being stored properly. Should now be fixed.
    • If an action caused an error, a page view registration was tried, but caused errors. The page view registration should no longer occur.
    • Quiz type radio was not rendering consistently in inline mode in all states. Should now be fixed.
    • When supervisors scored a student assignment, the comment was not included in the message to the student. This should now be fixed.


    • It is now possible to choose which version of the sound recorder (Flash/Java) to use on all configuration levels. The boolean variable is named use_app_recorder.
    • The interactivity number used in page view calculation should now always be 1 or higher under normal circumstances. If it is registered as 0 it means that the user has a JavaScript or networking issue on their computer.
    • Registration of page views now have better diagnostics, which should make it easier to debug issues.
    • Upgraded to JUpload 5.1.0.

    Performance improvements

    • The robots.txt and favicon.ico files are now static, which should ensure search engines are less likely to cause denial-of-service attacks if they are a bit aggressive.
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  • Switch to Nginx and e-portal push message support

    Posted by: Robin Smidsrød 18. Dec 2013 17:25

    Today's update (dbcd9f2) brings with it the following changes:

    New features:

    • User permissions can now be removed in Portfolio automatically via push messages when e-portal information is modified.
    • It is now possible to perform automated user-interface testing against a test database.


    • Web server changed from Apache 2 to Nginx. This should improve performance because we can enable HTTP keep-alive.
    • Session ID now includes port number if non-default. This is to differentiate between production and test on the same server.
    • Beanstalk queues for production and testing are now separate.
    • Let web server handle which HTTP methods are allowed (only GET and POST). This should make server a bit more robust against attacks.
    • Improved legend text in user activity request handler.


    • Ensure cached responses (HTTP 304) uses correct headers, which should fix a HTTP keep-alive issue with Google Chrome and possibly other browsers.
    • If an e-portal user was disabled and/or merged with another one, you would sometimes get a database error during login via e-portal. This should now be fixed.
    • A user without an email address registered in e-portal would be unable to login to Portfolio again after a removal/re-addition. This should now be fixed.
    • Fix a database error on page view ping which caused time accounting to stop prematurely if the same ping was reported more than once.

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  • E-portal provisioning and multimedia playback revamp

    Posted by: Robin Smidsrød 31. Oct 2013 18:16

    Today's update (f631b63) brings with it the following changes:

    New features:

    • Logging on to Portfolio using e-portal will now include course access permissions and supervisor relationships. In addition the user is added to the specified groups at the institution and the active course is set to the one the user clicked on in the e-portal. If a student logs in only the supervisor(s) for that particular student is created, but if a supervisor logs in, all of their students are automatically created. This is to ensure a supervisor can send messages to all students immediately after logging in. If students need to communicate with each other they need to both log in before they can find each other. Users in both e-portal and Portfolio with matching email addresses will be merged instead of creating new ones.
    • Whenever a course is rebuilt by the editor, who and when that did it is now stored and displayed in the administrative course list.
    • Mind the Gap PIN codes for 2013 and 2014 have been added.
    • The following translation languages have been added:
      • Sorani Kurdish (Iraq)
      • Punjabi (India)
      • Dari (Afghanistan)
      • Pashto (Afghanistan)
      • Tamil (India)
      • Turkish
      • Vietnamese


    • Video playback has been changed from using FlowPlayer to MediaElementJS. This should ensure video playback specifically on Apple-based devices work better, and other HTML5-capable browsers should also work better. If Flash or Silverlight is installed, it will also utilize these as a fallback. The following formats should now play back with a consistent user interface: MP4, FLV, WebM and WMV.
    • SoundManager has been upgraded to version 2.97a.20130512. This should ensure better compatibility with HTML5 audio support in newer browsers when playing back MP3 files.
    • The synthetic speech option now uses the third-party generated MP3 files directly, which should lower latency until playback is started slightly because no transcoding is required anymore.
    • If you submit a quiz on a page without framework, the resulting page will also be without framework. This should make it cleaner to include quiz inside iframes.
    • The institution course license list will no longer show excessively long decimal numbers.
    • Quiz observations were kept forever earlier. Observations older than 6 months are now deleted to conserve space and make reports faster.
    • The chat server (Prosody) has been upgraded to version 0.9.1.
    • A few HTTP cookies that were never actually being used was removed.


    • Portfolio client-side applications that used the app custom_init variable (instead of the deprecated player variable) got the wrong icon if a custom icon was assigned. This affected DrillPro exercises. This has been fixed.
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  • Minor update: Added group quick-search box in my students report

    Posted by: Robin Smidsrød 16. Sep 2013 14:08

    This update (6a2c217) brings with it the following changes:


    • The previous updated made it harder for supervisors to find just a group of their students. A new dropdown box now makes it easy to quick-search for a specific group of students.
    • Tagalog and Lithuanian translation languages was added, in preparation for some new dictionaries to come.
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  • New Flash-based sound recorder available

    Posted by: Robin Smidsrød 05. Sep 2013 14:41

    Today's update (444a0e43) contains these changes:

    New features:

    • If a recorder app is available, all of the internal sound recording features in Portfolio will use this app instead of the existing Java-based applet. The new sound recorder app uses a Flash-based approach instead, which should be more compatible. Future improvements might be to add WebRTC audio support to avoid Flash completely.
    • Added an app proxy request handler, which makes it possible to link directly to globally defined apps, like the d-book web reader.


    • When login page is opened inside an iframe, text input focus is no longer changed.
    • The My students report has been changed into one big table with groups hidden, but expandable on click. Seeing just students for a specific group can be achieved by filtering manually on the group using the search box. This should make the report simpler to read and understand for most users.


    • Leading and trailing whitespace in config variables are now trimmed when saving and updating them.
    • Character encoding in title and description when creating and modifying objects should now work more consistently.
    • Fix horizontal scrollbar issue in My configuration report in Chrome.
    • Fix indentation issue in quiz type radio and check. The text should no longer wrap below the radio/checkbox.
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